3D Print Rapid Prototyping

As a professional rapid prototyping China company, we specialize in producing super precision, extremely complex & extra large metal parts and plastic functional prototypes quickly for customers all over the world.

Our major services cover 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CNC prototype engineering and metal fabrication. With almost 10 years of prototyping experience and state-of-the-art technology, we have very successful stories and cases in many different industries, such as electronics, medical devices, automotive, plastic moulds, communication, mechanical components and sheet metal tooling, etc.

We will work hard together with customers to classify their requirements and generate creative ideas to produce prototype. We can do jobs like hand-sketching, 2D & 3D CAD modeling, product rendering and technical drawings until prototype production stage.

Our factory's goal is to be the best Chinese rapid prototyping company. We'll keep trying to reach high quality level to supply clients with precision plastic and metal prototypes at competitive prices and on-time delivery.


Fast Prototyping Services

As one of outstanding rapid prototype China suppliers, we provide a wide range of rapid prototyping services to make tight accurate prototypes, mainly including precision CNC machining, plastic injection moulding, die casting pressure & sheet-metal fabrication.

Rapid machining is a cost-effective, steady and accurate method of making prototypes from real production-grade materials, which is perfect for low-volume manufacturing, typically from 10 to 600 sets of components.

Injection molding is to make plastic moulds in short time for simple parts or complicated components at low costs, which is an ideal option for small batch to hundreds of plastic products with complete functions.

Pressure die casting is a common method of processing metal to engineering shapes by moulding molten alloys like Aluminium, Zinc or Magnesium into hardened molds.

Sheet steel fabrication is a suitable process to create thin-wall type of prototypes rapidly, by laser cutting, bending, staking, shearing, stamping, tapping, drilling & countersinking.


High Precision Prototypes

Being a chief rapid prototype China factory, we can produce quality prototypes in various materials based on the different processes.

CNC machined parts will be made through CNC turning, CNC milling, wire EDM cutting with all kinds of metals & most hard plastics including stainless steel, copper, titanium, aluminium, brass, carbon steel, ABS, Nylon, POM, PC, PEEK, Acrylic (PMMA), PEI, PP.

Except supplying low-cost plastic moulded parts based on most thermoplastic resins, our facility is capable to produce complete sets of injection moulds for clients to run in their own countries, which are fully produced according to standard of western countries.

In addition to producing pressure die casted parts at reasonable prices in a fast way, we could manufacture ready-to-run die-casting tooling for clients too in case that they might need to mold products in other places.

Material thickness of sheet metal fabricated parts that we may produce will range from 0.02 to 10mm and general tolerance that we could reach is +/-0.1mm for most parts.


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To get quick quote of parts, please send us 2D drawings in PDF or DWG format and 3D drawings in STEP, IGES or X_T format.

If detailed requirements have been offered, such as tolerance, quantity, material, lead time, heat and surface treatment, the official quotation will be available in 24 hours.