Mobile Globe Congress 2016: Rolling updates

Mobile Globe Congress 2016: Rolling updates
HTC is showing a prototype device which supports MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), a new audio format created by Bob Stuart from British hi-fi business Meridian Audio. … Sony ultimately has a response to becoming left behind by value Chinese rivals.
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Wireless: the subsequent generation
Sceptics suspect there could be an “industrial agenda” at work, that favours Chinese gear-makers and lowers the patent royalties these have to spend. The a lot more distinct 5G is from 4G, the larger the possibilities that China can make its own intellectual&nbsp…
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The Shanghai two-Step
It is accepted that higher cooperation and coordination of financial policy is required at the international level. The IMF is nudging policy makers towards a international accord on exchange rates and financial policies. The OECD advocates a novel option solution …
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