Baidu to Launch Autonomous Automobiles in Three Years

Baidu to Launch Autonomous Automobiles in Three Years
The report mentioned that Baidu&#39s plan came as Google is reportedly closer to commercializing its self-driving vehicle technology, hiring an auto-industry veteran to run its project, and is now tackling far more difficult maneuvers such as generating proper turns at …
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Self-driving vehicles: 13 automakers betting on driverless cars
China-primarily based search giant Baidu and BMW are working on a joint project to create a self-driving car for the Chinese industry. … Google&#39s vehicles, which are nevertheless prototypes, are different than the original builds 1st announced final year, as they …
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Are Chinese Poker Robots Coming to America?
Min is currently a prototype and, while she&#39s able to deal cards in a certain way, that&#39s about the extent of her capabilities at the moment. Nevertheless, Chun believes this is just the start of a robot revolution and that his creation will turn into much far more …
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