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For moldmaker Xcentric, 3D-printed molds aren&#39t prepared for prime time
Given that the advent of speedy prototyping far more than 25 years ago, I&#39ve wondered why moldmakers normally have been slow to adopt this technologies as an extension of their capabilities. Even as 3D metal … We&#39re replicating production at reduce overall charges.”.
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Prediction: 3D Printing Is Exiting The “Trough Of Disillusionment”
In certain, it seems inevitable that additive manufacturing will soon allow fast prototyping and on-demand or just-in-time manufacturing of consumer and modest enterprise goods. A lot like Uber, Instacart, and Postmates have introduced us to the&nbsp…
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Low-cost prosthetic hand 3D printed in South Africa
Award-winning academic and mechanical engineer Dr George Vicatos and his Master&#39s student at the University of Cape Town, Severin Tenim, made the hand and sent the plans to the Centre for Speedy Prototyping and Manufacturing at the Central&nbsp…
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