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Arms race goes hypersonic
In another, a prototype designed by Lockheed Martin blasted off like a rocket and streaked back by way of the atmosphere at far more than 20 times the speed of sound. China has reportedly tested its version over a lake in Inner Mongolia. And in February …
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Operating in an Era of Persistent Unmanned Aerial Surveillance
The modest size and agility of these UASs enable them to evade classic air defense systems yet particular counter UAS systems are beginning to show progress beyond the prototype phase. Economic forecasters could dispute industrial UAS … Interestingly …
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Honda Accessorizes with 3D Printing
Honda makers and sells cars around the planet, and customization is 1 of their solutions. Not long … Honda, which has utilised the technologies for prototyping because 2006, has fully embraced AM with the acquire of a Stratasys Object Eden500V, which …
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