mobius monster

Some cool 3d printing speedy prototyping images:

mobius monster
3d printing rapid prototyping
Image by oskay
1 a lot more giant sugar sculpture that we printed out for Maker Faire this week, also printed on the CandyFab 4000.

The shape is a three/four twist mobius strip with a square cross section and windows cut at regular intervals in all of the sides. Even though it really is hollow, it nonetheless weights nearly eight pounds– that’s a lot of sugar.

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3D-scanned statue of Albert Einstein 3D-printed on a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D-printer
3d printing rapid prototyping
Image by Inventive Tools
This is a 3D-printed bust (sculpture of Albert Einstein) from a 3D-scan from the Usher Gallery and The Collection in Lincoln.

The 3D-printer:

The 3D-file: