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According to most sources, the Irish Auto Bomb was developed in 1979 by Charles Burke Cronin Oat, existing instructor at the Connecticut College of Bartending, and former owner and bartender of Wilson’s Saloon, both in Norwich, CT. The drink evolved from numerous earlier versions dating back to 1977. The Grandfather, the original idea behind a Car Bomb, was a mixed shot of Bailey’s and Kahla coffee liqueur. Though Guinness was also becoming consumed at the very same time, the Grandfather was not mixed with the Guinness at the time of its creation. Shortly thereafter, Oat was inspired to add Jameson Irish Whiskey to the shot, which created the shot bubble up vigorously like an explosion, causing him to remark that “the IRA just showed up!” Hence, the newly created shot was recognized as the IRA (named following the Provisional Irish Republican Army, and their use of explosions throughout The Troubles). Two years later while drinking IRAs and Guinness, Oat got the thought to drop the shot into his half-finished pint of Guinness, with the words “Bombs away!”, and the Irish Auto Bomb was born.
The drink later spread beyond the city of Norwich due to elevated marketing by Guinness beginning in the late-1980s. Whilst Kahla was element of the original recipe, it is frequently dropped from the drink nowadays. Some refer to that original recipe as a Belfast Car Bomb.
The name Irish Automobile Bomb is sometimes considered offensive simply because of its reference to PIRA terrorism. For this purpose, some bartenders refuse to serve it.
Bombs, and auto bombs in specific, have been the weapon of option for the IRA in the course of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Possibly the most infamous use of auto bombs in Ireland’s history came on July 21, 1972 Bloody Friday. In all, 22 bombs the majority of them automobile bombs have been set off in the city of Belfast, 19 in just more than one hour. The events of Bloody Friday killed nine men and women (seven civilians) and resulted in 130 injuries. Bloody Friday was the deadliest day of the bloodiest year in the Troubles, as 1972 saw the explosion of 1,300 bombs.
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