Monday&#39s letters to the editor, June 8

Monday&#39s letters to the editor, June 8
Clearly, not every prototype failed. After making use of Wikipedia about our strength, he switched to his … China&#39s expansion plans as it tends to make runways on shoals in the South China Seas. Military at property. Genuinely? Ultimately, “Our friends in … What wasn&#39t …
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Hackaday Prize Entry: A Light Electric Utility Vehicle
[Chris] lives in South Sudan, where there are a lot of poor regions with terrible infrastructure. One of the larger challenges for this location is obtaining individuals and components more than roads that are either poor or don&#39t exist. Normal autos aren&#39t built for …
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Very best of Computex 2015: Intel Thunderbolt 3, Nvidia GTX 980Ti, Asus ZenPad
Of course, over the years mobility is generating enormous strides onto the show floors, but that is expected as not only is it a international trend, but the Taiwan laptop business is also moving its focus in that direction. Five years back, Computex would be the …
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