Qatar claims breakthrough in solar energy research

Qatar claims breakthrough in solar power research
The higher expense of harvesting the latent power has made it an unattractive investment for &quottraditional&quot power firms, and it has grow to be a key obstacle to Qatar in realizing its ambition of producing a fifth of its power demands from renewable …
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Cereals Event 2015: Most recent sprayer technology showcased
The Sprays and Sprayers arena has often been a big attraction of the Cereals Event, and this year showcased a plethora of most recent updates from producers. Jane Carley and Geoff Ashcroft report. Images by John Eveson.
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Stoke Ventures delivers high-good quality fast prototyping, 3D CAD modeling, and
Because the invention of the 3D printer, the fast prototyping industry has been a chaotic scene with costs and good quality all over the board. When deciding on a organization to make a prototype its critical to bear in mind these main criteria: high quality of prototype …
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