Need a prototype portion? Send an e-mail to the three-D printer

Need to have a prototype component? Send an e mail to the 3-D printer
The device &quotsprays&quot plastic powder in layers to develop a three-D part. Every single layer is hardened by lasers. The parts can be machined and tested below tension. The old way of producing prototype parts, such as intake and exhaust manifolds — usually by hand …
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Diverse devices hatch at hardware incubators
Highway1&#39s cavernous Potrero Hill space, for instance, involves a prototyping lab packed with machines to churn out stuff: three-D printers, a laser cutter, a spectrum analyzer, a CNC mill, a choose and spot machine and other specialized gear. Hardware …
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MySolidWorks: new Dassault Systemes platform pushes &#39manufacturing as a service&#39
On MySolidWorks, a virtual network of about 60 companies are listed that specialize in CNC milling, injection molding, 3D printing, and sheet metal manufacturing. All SolidWorks users have access to the network. The network is a do-more than of a comparable …
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